Orwell Participations

French E-commerce group specialized in Pets & Outdoor


In 2020, Orwell Participations is :

  • A unique application suite
  • 10,000 m2 of logistics platform
  • + 60 employees
  • 4 websites of online sales
  • 1.5 million customers, French leader in kennels and wooden doghouses

« Be yourself , everyone else is already taken » – Oscar Wilde

In a few words?

Orwell Participations is an independent French e-commerce group specialized in pet supplies and related outdoor products, headed by Gautier Moulard, an Arts et Métiers engineer.

As a group on a human scale, its vocation is to ensure the long-term development of each of its subsidiaries while respecting their identity, their heritage and their know-how.

To date, the group is the only player specialized in pet supplies and present simultaneously in five major sectors.

  • Online distribution of pet products in B2C via the generalist website (Livepoint)
  • Distribution of technical accessories for animals in B2B and B2C via (Polytrans)
  • The manufacturing of accessories (kennels, dog houses, saddlery, agility) for animals in B2B via (Difac)
  • E-commerce logistics specialized in B2C (Polylog)
  • Insurance for dogs and cats in B2C via (Petcare Family)
  • Web solutions for animal professionals in B2B via (Vet-Square)

The group’s positioning, the transversality of its businesses (distribution and manufacturing of products and services for pets), and its technological tools developed internally, make the group unique on the market.

The history of the Orwell Participations group


The company Livepoint launches the generalist website, dedicated to owners of dogs, cats, rodents, ferrets, farm animals where they can find food products (physiological and veterinary) but also accessories for habitat, hygiene and care.


Livepoint continues its organic growth and launches the fish, bird and reptile worlds.


Faced with hyper-growth, Livepoint decides to outsource its logistics function in order to focus on the development of its application suite and on the commercial development of the site. Livepoint consolidates its position in the highly competitive online pet shop market.


Strong investment in R&D. Redesign of the website by the R&D teams, abandonment of the Magento CMS, enrichment of the application suite on a set of functions.


Creation of the holding company ORWELL PARTICIPATIONS and acquisition of the website, specialist in technical accessories for dogs and cats.
Formerly a mail order company, Polytrans has 700,000 customers, including institutions and animal shelters.


Re-internalisation of Livepoint's logistics function in Maine et Loire (49) in Polytrans' premises. Implementation of the application suite within the Polytrans company.


Creation of Polylog, the group's logistics subsidiary, and move to a 5000 m2 warehouse in Pouancé (49). ORWELL PARTICIPATIONS becomes the group's central purchasing office.


ORWELL PARTICIPATIONS makes the choice of verticalization with the acquisition of the company DIFAC SA, manufacturer and French leader in kennels and wooden kennels. The group can now offer its brands of saddlery, kennels and agility made in France in Remeling (57). The group also launches the Petcare Family company, insurance for dogs and cats in collaboration with a wholesale broker and SWISS LIFE.


We are constantly looking for sites to integrate into our group in order to develop them through the application of our best practices and to continue the profitable growth of the ORWELL PARTICIPATIONS group
Orwell Participations

« As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it » – Saint- Exupéry

The spirit of the group

Orwell has created a family spirit that always favors a long-term vision.

The group’s vocation is to ensure the development of each of its subsidiaries while respecting their identity and autonomy by providing them with all the resources necessary for the creation, manufacture and selective distribution of their products.

It is through their products and brands that our subsidiaries become ambassadors for animal welfare.

They make a point of optimizing tools, methods and processes in order to maximize the profitability of their operations and ultimately finance their development and ensure their sustainability.


The success of a project comes, above all, from the women and men who create and manage companies.

We believe that a modern and innovative company is a company that listens to the well-being of its employees.

At Orwell Participations, there are 3 fundamental values that are shared by all. These three axes are the pillars of our performance and our sustainability.

Beeing CREATIVE and innovative

Creativity and innovation are in our genes. Over time, they have ensured the success of our structures and established their legitimacy. As the foundation of our subsidiaries, this creativity-innovation tandem is at the core of a delicate equation: renewing our offer and being resolutely turned towards the future, while respecting the past.

OFFERING excellence

Within the group, there is no compromise on quality. We embody the world of craftsmanship and commerce at its noblest, we pay meticulous attention to detail and perfection: from product to service, it is in this quest for excellence that we cultivate our difference.

CULTIVATING the entrepreneurial spirit

The group's decentralized organization is agile and encourages efficiency and responsiveness. It stimulates individual initiative by entrusting significant responsibilities to each person. Our entrepreneurial spirit facilitates risk-taking and encourages perseverance; it requires a pragmatic mindset and an ability to mobilize teams by driving them towards ambitious goals.


Orwell Participations is positioned in markets requiring strong product expertise and an flawless experience.

We work to offer all our customers a complete range of products and a constantly improving quality service.

Our ultimate goal is to offer efficient and user-friendly websites that are leaders in their sector.

To achieve this goal, we have developed a corporate application suite that we deploy in our various subsidiaries to optimize their performance :

  • BABEL : Customer relationship optimization, telephony management, IVR
  • PATATOR : Marketing optimization, CRM, Scorecard, webmarketing…
  • MALABAR : Logistics, purchasing and transport optimization…
  • NAPOLEON : Servers and Website Management…
  • SQUEALER : Financial optimization, exports, management control…
  • DOMINO : Project management, tasks, appointments, idea boxes, innovation…
  • WHYMPER : Human resources management…

In addition, the group implements and deploys an operating model based on six pillars.

Decentralized organization

Our mode of operation guarantees autonomy and strong reactivity to the subsidiaries.

Internal growth

The Orwell Group gives priority to internal growth and is committed to doing everything possible to develop its subsidiaries and to promote and protect creativity.

Balance and Profitability

All the companies in the group must be profitable and not affect the overall profitability.

Sustainability of know-how

Orwell and its subsidiaries have set up a number of mechanisms for the transmission of know-how and the promotion of craft and creative trades.

Establishment of synergies

The group-wide pooling of resources to create intelligent synergies is done while respecting the identity and autonomy of the subsidiaries.

Vertical integration

Vertical integration allows us to control all aspects of the industry's value chain.

« The real riches are the methods » – Nietzsche

The team

Gautier Moulard embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship in 2006, after an engineering degree and a first professional life in web marketing.

He develops content sites with a high audience ( / /, monetizes them before selling them in 2009.

In 2009, he created a call center and worked on omni-channel issues, which were already present at the time, until its sale at the end of 2011.

From December 2011 to September 2012, Gautier works as an independent consultant for e-retailers in the Rhône-Alpes region. He accompanies them on issues of organization and performance optimization.

It is at the end of 2012 that Gautier embarked on the adventure of E-commerce.

Gautier Moulard

Passionate about innovation, he combines his permanent desire to undertake and one of his interests: e-commerce. Noting that the E-commerce industry is already very competitive, he quickly concludes that the future will be either Amazon or vertical sites specialized on a market and/or with an important part of “Homemade” products.

The project takes shape during an interaction between friends when the subject of feeding the house cat is brought up! “Few nutritional advices for new cat owners”, “a myriad of food brands”, “The bags of kibble weigh a ton and I’m tired of putting them in the trunk when I go to the garden center”…

The consumer needs a personalized quality advice according to his pet and not to spend 2 hours reading the analytical composition of the 200 brands on the market. Moreover, if he can avoid carrying kilos during his daily purchases, he might as well not deprive himself and buy online.

Faced with this simple observation, Gautier launched its first online sales site: It was a great success, and it’s just the beginning.

Orwell Participations is also the story of a close-knit team!

Sylvain Royer
Head of Marketing & E-commerce

Sylvain Royer

In 2017, Gautier was joined by Sylvain Royer, a graduate of a master 2 in marketing and communication and immersed in the world of e-commerce since...1999. Sylvain is convinced of the relevance of the e-commerce development model by acquisition and mutualization of means. After more than 15 years spent in the garden and do-it-yourself world, the animals (and Gautier!) welcomed him with open arms. Together, they raised funds in record time to finance the first acquisition.
alexis perrin
Head of Information Technology

Alexis Perrin

Even before Sylvain's arrival, Gautier has been supported since the beginning by Alexis Perrin. Alexis joined the adventure during his end-of-study internship in 2015. Graduated with a Double Master 2 - A.I & Machine Learning, he has since become the CTO of the Group.

With their experience in e-commerce, they gave birth to the Orwell Participations group, which naturally positioned itself on a build-up strategy with the avowed ambition of combining significant size and attractive profitability profile, an atypical equation in French e-commerce.

« The important thing in Life is not triumph, but the struggle » – Pierre de Coubertin

Our brands

A selection of more than 7,000 premium products to take care of all your furry, feathered and even scaly animals.

From the subscription service (Pass Liberté) to personalized advice for each animal, is much more than an online pet store.

Since 1984, the French specialist in dog sports offers a wide choice of more than 6,000 products to delight your four-legged friends. You will find all the necessary accessories (harnesses, leashes, treats, clothes…) to share with your pet all the stages of its life.


French manufacture (in Moselle) of kennels, hen houses and saddlery unique in its kind. Difac accompanies all the professionals of the pet shop thanks to its know-how tested for more than 30 years.

Pet insurance offering an exclusive formula managed 100% online. Reduce your veterinary expenses by protecting your favorite pets.


Software solution and online appointment booking website for veterinary practices. Simplification of clinic management and patient relations.

Join us!

If you are reading this text, it is very likely that the group interests you.

It’s a good thing you’re interested in us too!

If you are looking for a job or an internship, and are interested in digital technology, then the Orwell Participations team is waiting for you!

If today Orwell Participations is one of the French leaders in online sales of pet products, it’s because we trust our passionate and enthusiastic employees.


Only the talent, ideas and motivation of each individual are important, in order to implement tomorrow the ideas and vision we have today.
You think you are aligned with our values? Let our team know that you want to join us by sending an email + CV via this form.
Marketing, IT, Customer Relationship Management, Supply chain, HR, Finance,…join us in the strong growth of our group!

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